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The Smart Hospital Summit, created by the University Medicine Essen, is a unique platform for nationally and internationally recognized experts and institutions from medicine, healthcare, universities, hospitals and other fields to start the Dialogue: be a part of the hottest topic in the World of institutional Medicine and Health.

Our Vision: Right here, right now, we have access to a future that really works.

The Smart Hospital Summit is dedicated to doctors, researchers, students, patients, nurses, digital experts, management, founders, industry professionals and many more from all areas of medicine, management, healthcare and hospitals, as well as other industries. Exciting topics, recognized experts and innovative formats: an innovative platform for cutting-edge information, fascinating experiences, smart dialogues, real involvement and more. In the middle of Europe, the very heart of the Ruhr Metropolis: the City of Essen@UNESCO World Heritage Zollverein Coal Mine (final location on the Zollverein Coal Mine to be announced). February 22-23, 2019.

More Information on speakers, registration & locations, tickets, hospitality and more for the 2019 conference will be added in due course.

Smart Hospital – Hype, Holy Grail or Sound Concept?

As an integrated clinic concept, the smart hospital drives clinical excellence, patient centricity, strategic and operative effectiveness and efficiency with digital disruption in today’s and tomorrow’s clinics. Yes or No and if “Yes“, how?


The emergence of a new kind of medicine and shifting – albeit it slowly – legal conditions at European and national level (in Germany and not only here) have raised hopes of better health and recovery, but also concerns, fears even, about the dehumanization of medicine, and about skilled medical staff becoming dispensable, not to mention the top issues already facing hospitals today, cost pressure, competition, an aging population and a shortage of practitioners and caregivers.

Sounds tough. But what about the Future?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in diagnostic radiology, robots in nursing and operating theatres, augmented and virtual reality in surgery and medical training, 3D-printed skin, blockchain technology for clinical data exchange, modern and smart buildings, security & cyber crime prevention, preventive healthcare via apps and wearables, at-home aftercare from a screen using interactive hospital cloud services such as telemedicine and high-performance sensors, simulation techniques, cardiovascular risk prediction with deep learning, gamification of patient care, electronic medical records (EMR), Smart Hospital ethics, automated pharmacy systems, fresh hospital design with real hospitality services, multi-language voice-command devices in patient rooms, integrated management systems focussing on patient satisfaction – all these and more in preventive and diagnostic healthcare, therapy and research are embedded in a new digital professionalism and quality. They describe at least some elements of what a smart hospital could look like. It may all sound a little like science fiction, but it is already far more science than fiction.

The Smart Hospital Summit is designed to become a vital platform for Dialogue and Creativity to explore and challenge these Opportunities.

Information on speakers, locations, registration & tickets, hospitality and more for the 2019 conference will be added in due course.